Reviews of Our Cleaning Services in Hampstead

A simple way to get a good idea of the quality of work you’ll get with us, the reviews of our cleaning services in Hampstead also give us all of the information we need to keep our services on the cutting edge. Contact us today whatever you need to know about the quality of our cleaners, or keep on reading to see what other people just like you have said about the work of our staff…

  • Sara Mccormick

    Affordable and getting great results every time, I really can’t recommend Swiss enough. Apparently there’s money off if you set things up on a regular basis, but I’m content booking a one-off clean every six months or so. Excellent value.

  • Ruben Hodges

    Wasn’t expecting great things but I needed a fix-it guy in an emergency blocked-toilet sort of way. Very impressed though – paid less than I was expecting and problems have not repeated so I suspect he knew what he was doing. Would use again.

  • Jo Abbot

    Have recommended this company to other people at work looking for cleaners. Can’t complain about the price or the service.

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