Upholstery Cleaning in Hampstead Made Simple

Bring your upholstered fabric back to its best after a party or long wear and tear in one hassle-free appointment. With us you get upholstery cleaning in Hampstead that’s suitable for all kinds of fabric types, both natural and synthetic – we’ve got a variety of modern cleansing methods at our disposal. Choose dry cleaning for natural fabrics or hot water extraction cleaning for modern weaves. Either way you’ll give your sofas and arm chairs a new lease of life, eliminating dirt, dealing with stains, and making everything fresh and fragrant.

One call to 020 3404 1357 is all it takes to book your upholstery cleaning services, but feel free to fill in our contact form or use our chat feature to reach us online now.

The Affordable Upholstery Cleaners Hampstead Needs

This is one of the most competitively priced ways to hire high quality upholstery cleaners in Hampstead. Make one short phone call today and you get:

  • High grade cleansing that uses specialist detergents and tools that can’t just be bought over the counter
  • 24-hour customer service every day of the week, and at the weekend too!
  • Convenient appointments on offer, including a same-day service for those real emergencies
  • Great value for money, which only gets better when you add carpet cleaning or mattress cleaning to create your ideal fabric cleansing package
  • Employers Liability and Public Liability insurance protection with all our affordable upholstery cleaning services
  • Experienced specialists carrying out the work for you
  • A free quotation which will be confirmed for you on-site before your service starts

Upholstery Cleaning Services – What You Get

Simply put, you’re getting a thorough cleanse for whatever furniture you put into our hands. Simply give us a call today, tell us about your furniture, and we’ll get an experienced and properly equipped technician on their way to your property. Depending on what you tell us about the fabric that your furniture is covered in, we’ll recommend either our dry cleaning, dry foam cleaning or hot water extraction cleaning – sometimes, incorrectly also known as “steam” cleaning. Dry cleaning methods are better suited to wool and other natural materials because they don’t utilise any water as part of the process, and thus there is no risk of shrinking the fabric. Tougher, artificial fabrics can be targeted using our specialist hot water extraction apparatus. The heat of the water used in this process gets great results when removing dirt, stains, pollutants and allergens from fabric. Whichever method you choose, you’ll benefit from a careful spot-treatment before your service starts, and the option of Scotchgard protection afterwards.

Experienced and Vetted Cleaners

With us you get complete peace of mind. Your professional upholstery cleaning services will be delivered by a specially trained technician whose years of experience and full qualifications makes them the ideal choice for a thorough cleansing of any piece of upholstered furniture you care to name. You’ll be protected by full insurance cover every step of the way as our neatly uniformed team do their work too. Check out our reviews page now and you’ll see what other people have said after hiring us. We’re standing ready to help get your fabric back to top condition today.

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